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About Search Engines

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The Conflict:

There is a continuous struggle between:


who want to present their users with relevant content,



who want their site to appear above all others in search results.

Techniques are developed by the site operators to fool the search engines, the search engines learn of the techniques and take measures to eliminate the advantage or even to "punish" the wrongdoer with a lower placement or by dropping the site entirely. For example, in early 2006 the site of auto manufacturer BMW was removed from Google for abuse.

Many major sites have teams of technicians working on search engine placement, developing techniques, trying them out, and discarding them as the search engines catch on.

Can a site with more limited resources compete? Yes.

How? By:

  • Optimizing a site for search engine placement,
  • Carefully submitting the site to search engines and directories,
  • Monitoring placement so corrective action can be taken, and
  • Using pay-per-click programs as required.

Content is King

What are the three most important features of a site with respect to search engine placement?

  1. Content
  2. Content
  3. Content
What is content to a search engine? - TEXT

Search engines want to present to their users a list of sites with relevant text. Graphics, while pretty or informative, cannot be read by search engines. If a home page is loaded with graphics and no text (which many are) it essentially has no content. What should be the site's most significant page for search engine placement - is actually a liability.

Link Popularity

Search engines are increasingly using link popularity as an indicator of site value and adjusting placement accordingly. The number of sites linking back to your site as an indication of popularity. Your customers, suppliers, and contractors are good potential candidates to link to your site. It takes work to get this to happen. There are specialists who can do this hard work for you.

A note of caution: there are automated services to maintain thousands of links to your site from other sites. Do they work? Usually not, and may result in a decrease in a site's rankings.

Search Engines and Directories Defined

It is important to understand the difference between a "search engine" and a "directory" (also known as an index). Often the term "search engine" is used to include directories.

Search Engines - A search engine robot "visits" a site and gathers information about it, which is then placed in a data base The search engine robot periodically revisits the site to update its database. One can submit a site to a search engine, which simply alerts the search engine to the site's presence. The site will be included in the database only after the robot has visited and indexed the site.

Directories - For directories, one submits detailed information, which then is cataloged by the directory. For some directories, a real person visits the site to check if it is "worthy" of inclusion and to check if the submitted information is accurate. Part of the submitted information is the category which you believe best fits your site. The directory is organized by these categories, similar to the way businesses are listed in the Yellow Pages.

Many search web sites actually use both a directory and a search engine. For example, the Yahoo Directory portion of their search results are from their directory. The Yahoo Search portion uses the Yahoo search engine.

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