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Search Engines account for over 80% of the traffic to a typical web site. This means for most sites, high search engine placement means more targeted traffic and more business. SEWA will get your site well positioned on search engines and keep you there.

Let us do a FREE evaluation of your site (a $170 value). We will look at how well your site is configured for site placement and will prepare a report of how your site ranks on the most important search engines and directories.

What can SEWA do for your site?

    1. Optimization of site pages for search engine placement,
    2. Promotion of a site to search engines and directories,
    3. Setup and monitoring of pay-per-click programs such as Google Adwords and Yahoo's Sponsored Search and Search Submit Express,
    4. Increase link popularity (backward links) for your site,
    5. Monthly reporting and resubmission to search engines.

This will get you numerous top 10 placements on the big search engines. Details of these tasks are given below. More general search engine information is here. If you are in the Seattle area, we are happy to visit you to discuss your site promotion.

1. Optimization of Pages for Search Engine Placement

The site is analyzed to determine if it contains any hindrances to search engine placement. These can be the use of dynamically driven pages, using of graphics instead of text, use of HTML frames tags, complicated or incomplete navigation structure and others. These problems must be removed or remedies must be put in place before the site can rank well.

We will work with the site representative to develop keywords, descriptive text, and revised titles for each of the site pages. Each page offers a separate opportunity to be listed by a search engine for a given set of keywords. Each page should have keywords tailored to the content of the page and how you expect potential customers to be searching for your services and products. There are additional recommendations that we will make that will help search engines rate the site well. We will create code which will be added to your site in any of three ways:

  • Upload revised pages to your web site directly.
  • Add the code directly to your pages and forward the edited pages on to you to upload.
  • Provide the code to you with instructions on how to add it to your site pages.

2. Promotion to Search Engines and Directories

We initially will run a search of the position of the site on the important search engines for the important keyword pairs or triplets for the site. This will show us the rating position from 1 to 50 (or more) for each of the keyword sets. It will serve as a starting point and will tell us where to focus the promotional work. (What is the difference between a search engine and a directory? See here.)

Automated submission methods should not be used for the important search engines and directories. Too much is left to chance; submission failures are common. Additionally, some important engines do not accept automatic submissions. We manually submit to the eight (or so) most important engines and directories. In this way we can assure the submittal is received by the search engine or directory. We then use software to submit to an additional 250+ less important search engines and directories.

Some search engines and directories charge for listing or expediting a listing for a site. This method is now used by only a few of the major search engines or directories. Yahoo Directory is one of these, at a price of $300/year. However, a listing in this directory is not cost effective for all sites.

3. Pay-Per-Click Programs: Google Adwords and Yahoo

A pay-per-click program is an online payment method where a search engine charges you each time a searcher clicks on a link to your site. The link to your site is typically a small ad placed on the search results page.

There are two major reasons for using pay-per-click programs:

  1. For new sites, they are a way to be well listed on major search engines and generate traffic to the site in days instead of months. Over time, as the site's rankings for its important keyword phrases increase "organically" (without payment), the pay-per-click program should be adjusted.
  2. For keyword phrases that are highly competitive, pay-per-click is a way to get traffic your site. It is a way of jumping to the head of the line (or on the first page) for popular keyword phrases for which it would be otherwise hard to rank well.

Pay-per-click programs we typically consider are Google's Adwords and Yahoo's Sponsored Search and Search Submit Express.

Google Adwords places an ad in the right column of Google results for selected keyword phrases. It charges for each click-through, typically on the order of between $0.25 and $5.00/click. This gets around the problem of optimizing a site further, or increasing backward links. It takes some effort to set up and must be monitored over time. One establishes a maximum limit of daily click payments to control costs.

4. Increase Link Popularity (Backward Links)

Most search engines, including Google and Yahoo, rate a site, in part, on the number of sites that link back to it. They consider this an indicator of the value of a site. There are various ways to increase backward links. Some techniques are recognized by search engines as abusive, and will downgrade a site's ranking. As part of the site evaluation process, we can determine if increasing link popularity is necessary and if so, what method is right for your site.

5. Monthly Search Engine Position Report

We have a monthly search engine placement report and resubmission service that many of our customers use. We run a search of the site placement on the important search engines. If warranted by the results, we recommend remedial actions that can be done to increase the ratings. We resubmit the site home page or other page on the site to the major search engines. This helps assure the site does not fall off a search engine.


Optimization of Pages for Search Engine Placement

Home Page (first page) $250 to $350
Each Additional Page $95 to $195

Submission to Search Engines and Indices

$225 - $525

Setup and Maintenance of Google Adwords Program

Initial setup $300 - $600
Maintenance $95 to $400/month

Monthly Search Engine Position Report

$95 per report

Pricing Notes:

  • The actual prices of optimization, submission, and pay-per click program setup and maintenance are a function of the complexity of the site and its message and the strength of competing sites.
  • Web sites using HTML "frames" or that use dynamic pages, need additional configuration so that the search engines can find all of the site content. Contact us for pricing.

Other Tasks

After the initial consultation, travel time and meeting or consulting time with the client, if necessary, will be charged at $95/hour.

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